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Fine custom-made furniture, designed and hand made to your requirements


Please note that I have now retired, and am no longer accepting commissions. Thank you.

From my Cambridgeshire workshop, I offer a unique range of bespoke wooden furniture for the home, office and workplace – both traditional and contemporary hand-made wooden furniture of outstanding quality.

Drawing on years of experience as both engineer and worker in wood, I have established a reputation for originality of design, attention to detail and quality of finish. All my designs are tailored to suit individual client specifications.

Styles range from the classic to the contemporary, using the highest quality materials to produce furniture in a range of timbers including oak, maple and walnut in both solid timber and veneer. Where appropriate I use FSC certified wood.

I have written articles for Good Woodworking magazine, and had articles written about me in both Good Woodworking and the now defunct Traditional Woodworking magazine.

Commissions are welcome, both personal and corporate throughout Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties of Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire and Suffolk. My portfolio since I started as a cabinet maker in 2004 includes work for Christ’s College and Trinity College in Cambridge and several churches, as well as a large number of private clients.

The design process

Each piece of furniture is specially designed to order and made in my Cambridgeshire workshop, to create an individual piece which is both functional and beautiful, and also fits your budget.

What can you expect to pay? It’s impossible to say as there are so many variables – not Ikea prices, but not as much as you might expect for hand-made pieces.

Before embarking on a design, I will come and meet you to discuss your requirements in detail – I will want to see where the piece is going to go, as the environment shapes the design. You don’t need to give me a detailed specification (unless you want to) – it’s fine to just say “I want a table to go there”. Most people don’t know exactly what they want, to start with.

I will then come back to Great Shelford and cogitate for a bit, before producing a computer model for you to consider. Once we are both happy with the design, I will send you a quotation for the work. That price is good for two months from the date you get it.

To secure your goods at the quoted price, you need to make an initial payment to cover the work so far: this will not be more than 25% of the total. Once you have paid this, I will add you to my waiting list and give you an estimated delivery date. If there is a choice to be made between timeliness and quality I will always choose the latter, so the estimate time may slip, but I’ll keep you informed.

Just before I start work on the piece a payment of 50% of the total price less the amount you have already paid will be due.

The balance is due on delivery and all goods remain my property until that payment is received and where necessary cleared by my bank.


Please be aware that timber is a natural material and every plank from every tree is different. Though I make every effort to ensure a good match within a piece such variation is not a fault and will not be treated as such. Where staining is part of the work the same caveats apply.

Unless otherwise stated:

  • quoted prices do not include handles.
  • the internal parts of cupboards and drawers will be left unfinished.

Legal stuff

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